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Inaugural Concert

THE Inaugural Concert
April 14, 2013 – 4 P.M.

Inaugural Concert Program (PDF 113kb)
Click above link to download copy of the Inaugural Program.

Great Music in the Grand Tradition
for Organ, Brass and Tympani


BRASS QUINTET: Russ Hawvermale – Adena Local Schools
Matt Spradlin – Wilmington High School
Matt Stanley – Washington High School
Ben Streitenberger – Washington Middle School
Dave Wood – Blanchester High School
TYMPANI – Terry diLuciano – Fairfield Local Schools
ORGAN – Craig Jaynes, Director of Music, St. Colman Church

MUSIC – for Brass Quintet, Tympani and Organ by Rimsky-Korsakov,
Gabrielli, Gigout, Peeters and Boellman
for Organ by Howells, Brubeck and Bach

BACKGROUND – In February of this year, St. Colman Church dedicated a new 3-manual (keyboards), 36 stop organ. This concert will be the first, ‘kick-off’ program in a new series of concerts will be hosted annually beginning in September of 2013. The series for 2013-14 will be announced at this concert.

With the new organ, the church felt a need to share its blessings with the broader community. According to Craig Jaynes, the church’s music director and coordinator for the new series, “We have here a major instrument located in a building with incredible acoustics; it’s a marvelous place to make music. Every guest musician we’ve ever had has commented on how wonderful it is to perform here.”

For this concert a specially selected group of musicians, band directors from Washington Court House, Wilmington, Blanchester, Frankfort and Leesburg, has been assembled to provide a grand beginning to this new concert series. “This is the sort of thing one normally has to go to a big city to hear; we’re bringing great music to the country. I can promise an experience you won’t soon forget.” Jaynes added.

String along with Me

April 27, 2014

This program features the organ in combination with full string ensemble in a series of well-known and beloved works such as the Albinoni ‘Adagio’, an ‘Ave Maria’ or two, one of the Handel organ concertos, AND a surprise concerto just for the spice of it. Organ and strings provide an interesting and unique combination of tones and textures, just ripe for colorful exportation, and this program will take full advantage of that fact. There will be a special performance of J. S. Bach’s “Kom Susser Tod” which became famous under the hand of Leopold Stokowski in his arrangement for the Philadelphia

Orchestra and then made doubly famous by the Virgil Fox when he arranged the string version for the world’s largest organ at Wanamaker’s (now Macy’s) Department Store in Philadelphia.

Craig & Friends

February 16, 2014

Craig Jaynes, the Music Director at St. Colman will celebrate 52 years as a church musician by presenting a concert featuring a wide variety of favorite music for organ along with selections performed with a multiplicity of friends on their solo instruments, including oboe, violin, cello, soprano and tenor. The selections will come from a broad range of styles, from Bach to the modern and exploring the many and sundry capacities of the new organ as well as its ability to work well with others as an accompanimental instrument.

English Choral Tradition

THE ENGLISH CHORAL TRADITION with David Belt, baritone.
September 29, 2013

The Choir of St. Colman Church will be joined by singers from other area groups to perform some of the great works of the English choral tradition, which in many ways, is unparalleled in its scope and excellence: Featuring works by Parry, Stanford, Byrd, Britten, Sumsion, Mealor, Howells and others and culminating in the “Five Mystical Songs” of Ralph Vaughan Williams.