22 June 2020

St. Colman Catholic Church
219 South North Street, Washington Court House, OH 43160

This is a very difficult notice to have to write, but I’m afraid that cautious thoughtfulness requires no less.

We have cancelled the 2020-2021 Concerts in a Country Church series for this coming season. At this point, we are not attempting to re-schedule anything. Having done that once, with optimism since shattered, we are going to have to wait this out like everyone else. For the most selfish of reasons (I REALLY wanted to play the concerto program!), I am saddened almost beyond words but – I have faith that we will be doing at least that program sometime during the upcoming season, but just don’t know when. Believe me, you will be among the first to know!

I have been particularly encouraged by the prompt and generous response to the original announcement of the new season, making this an even harder pill to swallow.

Your continued support in this endeavor has been an important factor in the creation and development of the series. I am satisfied that we have been able to fulfill the goal of bringing quality, serious music to the Fayette county region and have been particularly gratified by the enormous musical growth shown by the hard-working and dedicated members of the St. Colman Choir which culminated in their performances of the Mozart ‘Requiem’, the Beethoven ‘Mass in C’, John Rutter’s ‘Requiem’ and the Vivaldi ‘Gloria’. They deserve a special nod of recognition and thanks for the results their efforts have produced. I might add that, until mid-March of this year, they were doing likewise for St. Colman Church most Sundays and Holy Days!

That alone is certainly reason enough to celebrate, even during a depressing period which is, of course, but a mere blip in the history of the human drama. In mid-July, we will celebrate the arrival of a new, full-time Pastor at St. Colman, the Reverend Father Cyrus Haddad. That will coincide with the beginning of my 16th year at St. Colman and I am looking forward to working with him to continue and build our musical traditions there. Your continued support will, no doubt, be called upon in the future.

With sincerest thanks and appreciation, I remain,

Craig Jaynes, Music Director


PH: 937-675-7055