Final Concert of 2017–18 season: Sunday, April 15 at 3:00 PM

This season’s final program will feature St. Colman Music Director, Craig Jaynes, in a solo concert entitled “Playing with the Big Boys”, program of major organ works interspersed with lighter diversions from both past and present.

Mr. Jaynes, who is in his 55thyear as a practicing church musician and his 13thyear at St. Colman, will present the first program in which he will be the sole feature. The St. Colman series, ‘Music in a Country church’, is completing the fifth season and has, heretofore, featured the organ in combination with choirs, brass quintets, woodwind quintet, percussion, strings, and a variety of soloists, but never as a totally solo instrument with Mr. Jaynes at the console. Last year a guest organist, Christopher Urbiel of St. Francis de Sales Church in Newark, Ohio presented a well-received and enjoyable program. This season the first concert, which was a presentation of Mozart’s ‘Requiem’, was done with choir, soloists and orchestra, but the organ was not used for that program.

I’ve tried to program a wide variety of music and instrumental combinations so that folks could experience the breath of musical expression available to us. While the organ is ‘my’ instrument, I did not want to limit our offerings to that vehicle alone. This concert will be the exception rather than the rule”, Mr. Jaynes said. He added, “since a solo organ program is rare for us, I also wanted to make sure that variety was maintained and have chosen, not only from the great composers of the instrument which is where the title comes from, but also from other sources, but those with which there is some history of association with the instrument.”

Jaynes continued: “There was time, a hundred years or so ago, when the organ provided the vast majority of live, serious music heard publicly, not only in church but in municipal auditoriums and venues all over the country. Of course there is also the association with silent movies as well, but that was only an outgrowth of the other usage. So I have also relied on those relationships as a source for musical material as well as the traditional historical relationship of the organ to music in church. I am hopeful that folks will find a lot of interest as well as great musical beauty in these selections. The process of choosing has been delightful fun for me and particularly enjoyable when I’ve been able to pick things that also have a strong personal connection for me. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, there are usually a lot of those!”

The concert will be held at St. Colman Catholic Church, 219 South North Street, Washington Court House, Ohio. There is ample parking all around the church.

Who: Craig Jaynes, Music Director at the church, will perform. Mr. Jaynes has been in his position, playing and directing the choir, at St. Colman since 2005 and a performing church musician for 55 years. He is a graduate of Kent State University and Clark State Community College and attended Wichita State University and The Ohio State University. He studied organ with Paul Lundquist, Dorothy Addy, Diane Bish and Virgil Fox. He also directs the church’s concert series, ‘Concerts in a Country Church’, for which this program is the final concert of the 2017-18 season.
He also serves as a registered nurse with Community Care/Ohio’s Hospice and is the gardener at English Garden Farm outside of Jamestown.

Other: The organ in the church, which is blessed with superb acoustics, was installed in 2013. It has 3 manuals (keyboards) and pedal with 35 independent speaking stops. Although it speaks from high in the choir loft, a camera, projector and screen will be used to make the performer visible to the audience. Music of Bach, Franck and Widor will be performed as well as selections by Weaver, Sullivan, Shelley, Utterback, Strayhorn, MacGimsey, and Kern/Nalle.

Tickets for open seating may be purchased for $10 at the door. Reserved seats are available only to season ticket holders, which are sold only at the beginning of the season. Doors will open at 2:30 PM.

Additional information: 937-675-7055


Requiem for a Requiem

Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ was performed at St. Colman as part of the Fifth Season of the series, Concerts in a Country Church on October 15, 2017 at 3pm. It was the most ambitious project we have attempted since I became Director of Music at the parish in 2005 and it was easily one of the most gratifying.  And, yes, extraordinary! This is a comment received the following day from an attendee: “Yesterday I heard the Mozart Requiem. A TRANSCENDENT EXPERIENCE!”

The choir worked like troopers for nearly a year to learn and master this monumental spiritual and artistic work and I could not be more proud of the results. Our four soloists, Beth Cram Porter, Janelle Criner, C. Andrew Blosser and Mark Spencer were all outstanding as was the orchestra (playing together as a group just for this occasion, and coordinated by Maretta Alden who also happens to manage the wonderful and historic Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio). The attendance was the largest of any special program we have ever done at St. Colman as were the total season ticket sales for the Fifth Season. The event and attendance have left a high bar for me to meet when I present a solo concert next April 15; I’m glad I’ve got five and a half months to get ready!  C J