SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018, 3:00 PM

The Choir of St. Colman with organ, soloist, and strings

This is an annual event. We have selected both of the ‘Rose’ Sundays (the third Sunday in Advent and the Fourth Sunday in Lent, when the liturgical color is rose, a departure from the violet of the surrounding seasons) for special services on Sunday afternoons. In Advent we do Lessons and Carols for Advent and for Lent, we do the service of Evening Prayer or Vespers in its fully sung beauty. The service of Evening Prayer, one of the daily ‘offices’ of the church deriving from monastic practice, is the late afternoon service of psalms, prayers and scripture.

It so happens that the canticle (or song) assigned to this particular Sunday is from the first Epistle of Peter and it is a paraphrase of some of the passages from the prophet Isaiah which are used as the libretto for a goodly portion of the Lenten part of Handel’s “Messiah”.

Consequently, we have made it a practice to perform the first part of this section, with the choir, a soloist and string quartet as part of the service. This is in addition to the two appointed psalms, one of which is sung in plainchant and the other in Anglican chant (four part). A version the ‘Magnificat’ (Mary’s Song) is also included as is an appropriate anthem. The service is somewhat more ‘elevated’ in tone than is the norm for the season, as ‘Laetare’ is a sort of respite from Lent’s general tone of penitence and intended to be a bit of uplift – an anticipation of Easter, as it were. This is the only time during Lent that instruments are used at St. Colman, the organ serving only to support the voices the rest of the season.

The service is a valuable expression of worship in and of itself, but it is made especially so at this particular time in the church’s liturgical calendar by the addition of the powerful and incredibly moving music of Mr. Handel, which has a special way of bringing the meaning of the scripture to our attention with unparalleled impact. The service is open to the public; there is no admission charge. (A free-will offering is taken in support of music at St. Colman.)

Concerts in a Country Church

2017-2018 Concert Season – Our Fifth Year!
Concert number two: “Playing with the Big Boys” – Craig Jaynes, organist
Sunday, April 15, 2018, 3:00 PM

The second concert of the Fifth Season will be on Sunday, April 15 (two weeks after Easter) at 3:00 PM. It will be the first time that our Music Director will be featured in a completely and totally solo organ program. Mr. Jaynes has played in all of our concerts save two, but has always done so with additional musicians. This time, he will perform in a traditional solo recital format, unable to blame anyone else for the mistakes! Many of the works will be major works within the traditional organ repertoire (certainly not all – he really couldn’t do THAT, you know) and will include Bach’s great Fantasie and Fugue in G minor and the final movement of one of the organ ‘symphonies’ of Charles-Marie Widor. Mr. Jaynes says he’s looking forward to doing both of this programs as a high point in his 55 year career as a church musician. We sincerely hope you are looking forward to hearing them with an equal anticipation!



Requiem for a Requiem

Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ was performed at St. Colman as part of the Fifth Season of the series, Concerts in a Country Church on October 15, 2017 at 3pm. It was the most ambitious project we have attempted since I became Director of Music at the parish in 2005 and it was easily one of the most gratifying.  And, yes, extraordinary! This is a comment received the following day from an attendee: “Yesterday I heard the Mozart Requiem. A TRANSCENDENT EXPERIENCE!”

The choir worked like troopers for nearly a year to learn and master this monumental spiritual and artistic work and I could not be more proud of the results. Our four soloists, Beth Cram Porter, Janelle Criner, C. Andrew Blosser and Mark Spencer were all outstanding as was the orchestra (playing together as a group just for this occasion, and coordinated by Maretta Alden who also happens to manage the wonderful and historic Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio). The attendance was the largest of any special program we have ever done at St. Colman as were the total season ticket sales for the Fifth Season. The event and attendance have left a high bar for me to meet when I present a solo concert next April 15; I’m glad I’ve got five and a half months to get ready!  C J